Monday, January 27, 2014

So It Begins

There once was a princess who lived in a castle far, far away...

Think you've heard this story before? You probably have, but it's probably not what you're expecting.

The princess was of age, and that meant it was time for her to find a suitable companion. The king and queen paraded before her suitors of all shapes and sizes. First, there was the prince from the neighboring kingdom. He was tall, dark, and ridiculously handsome. He had been with many women, used every single one of them, and his only interest was in making the princess another one of his conquests. Then, there was the lord from the northern kingdom. His father had been a drunk, so his mother raised him alone and had babied him so much that he was incapable of caring for himself. He sought the princess because his mother told him to, and he wanted to find someone else who would take care of him. The next suitor was the princess from the southern lands. The king and queen mentioned above were quite progressive, and were open to the idea that their daughter might prefer another princess to rule with her, since she had rejected their other suggestions. But our princess was not interested.

This is not to say that she wasn't interested in having a companion. It wasn't even that she was overly concerned with finding her "true love". It's just that she was terribly confused. Everyone around her seemed to be saying that she could be whatever she wanted, and a companion could be whatever she wanted him or her to be. However, something inside of her insisted that there was a right way for her to be because she was a princess. And above all, she desired to be what she ought to be.

To be continued...

Ever felt like the princess, terribly confused about who you ought to be, how you ought to act, and what you ought to love? Ever wondered what it means to be human? Let's be honest. In today's world where anything goes, it's easy to be befuddled by labels and behaviors and relativistic hype. I suggest we go back to the basics. I wish to explore what it really means to be human, to be a man or a woman. Because it's not whatever I want it to be. That's the point of this blog, to hash out how to be authentically human. It'll probably take a lifetime, but that's okay. I've got my whole life to figure it out.

I welcome questions, comments, constructive criticism, suggestions and insights. Join the adventure! This is sure to be a wild one.

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